"Internal shower drink" : what is this supposed miracle drink that is causing the buzz?

Social networks are full ofdetox tips more or less deleterious. On TikTok, the hashtag #internalshowerdrink is currently a hit with young Internet users. This drink, promises to accelerate the elimination of toxins and promote bowel movements. Is it really effective? To what extent can we consume it?

What is the composition of this detox drink?

This “miracle” drink is made up of water, two tablespoons of chia seeds and lemon juice. Before drinking it, you have to wait a few minutes for the seeds to soak up water and swell. Said seeds, which have become gelatinous, would thus be digested more easily. They would help reduce inflammation of the intestine and to speed up transit.

Originally, this “internal shower” would have been developed by Dr. Daryl Gioffre, star nutritionist in the United States. He would have mentioned it for the first time in the podcast The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, as part of a discussion about constipation. Since then, the use of this drink has been diverted by many influencers, who see it as a boon for lose weight fast before summer. However, she must be consumed with care and moderation!

“Chia cannot be a miracle seed”

Asked by our colleagues from Huffpost (source 1), researcher and nutritionist Christian Rémésy recalls the benefits of chia seeds: “Chia is rich in protein, fiber and omega-3it is therefore an interesting food both for its nutritional intake and its digestive properties”. These seeds do exercise “a kind of temporary protection of the intestinal wall and a mild laxative effect”. But, according to him, the notion of an internal shower is very inappropriate.

For good reason… If chia seeds, combined with lemon, can stimulate transit, they do not replace a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, cereals or other starchy foods rich in fiber. “Chia cannot be a miracle seed that exempts the person from having a consistent diet sufficiently rich in natural plant products”, insists Christian Rémésy.

Furthermore, the disadvantages of chia seeds are beginning to be well known: consuming too much of it can cause abdominal pain, bloating, gas and other digestive discomforts. Consuming more than 30 to 45g per day can also cause diarrhea or constipation. To lose weight before summer, bet instead on regular physical activity, coupled with good food hygiene – and more generally with a healthy lifestyle.

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