‘Interesting’ chess match between Morocco and Croatia yields little

The Red Devils open their World Cup on Wednesday evening, but the two other countries from the group already played against each other in the morning. An interesting duel to follow, but was it also a spectacular match?

Croatia and Morocco wanted to start their World Cup in a good way in a group in which something seems possible for everyone somewhere. And that immediately seemed to be reflected in the game, because both teams seemed to not want to lose.

Defensively it was very good on both sides. Morocco played with high pressure at times, but did so from a tight organization and often folded quite far back. And if it itself had the ball, then the Croats actually did the same.

Chess game

Conclusion: a chess game in which a lot of pawns, rooks and bishops were moved, but a very offensive game was never really developed. The middlegame was interesting, the endgame not at all. The chances? They could be counted on one hand.


The best chance of the game was one of the first, just before the break. Vlasic was able to push Sosa’s cross to goal from close range, but the Moroccan goalkeeper was alert and kept the score on the board with his coffee.


After the break, the Croats immediately threatened again, but the game soon got bogged down again and even the Moroccans had a few chances. Hakimi came out well a few times and there was also a header from Mazraoui in the short corner.

To score? That was not possible. Gradually everyone seemed more concerned with the 0-0 than with wanting to win themselves. Nobody really dissatisfied, but afterwards maybe nobody really satisfied either. The Belgians can immediately put themselves in pole position on Wednesday evening.

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