Interceptions, Gasparri: “We ask for limitations, even on the Trojan”. Ma Delmastro (FdI): “There will be no spending reviews and they will not decrease”

The arrest of Matthew Messina Money brought the issue of the fight against the mafia back to the center of the political debate, raising doubts on the words of the Minister of Justice, Charles Nordio, who has repeatedly said he wants to intervene on “too many useless and expensive interceptions”. After the report to the Chamber of keeper of the seals, in which Nordio mentioned for the first time “the satellite crimes of the mafia” (without specifying what they are), for which the interceptions will remain, even Come on Italy takes a step back from the declarations of recent months. As the Senator explains Maurice Gasparri: “There is no doubt that the fight against terrorism and the mafia must impose the use of wiretaps, there is the issue of corruption and other activities, it is necessary to understand on crimes ‘spying’ can be useful on some. We ask for a more limited use of the eavesdropping and also with respect to the use of the trojans“. “The cannon should be used when the objective justifies it because you can’t shoot the mosquito with a cannon” he concludes.

Meanwhile, today the government will intervene with an amendment to the Cartabia reform for some crimes that have become prosecutable only on complaint from 1 January 2023. With all the effects and critical issues denounced by the Everyday occurrence. The Undersecretary of Justice of Fratelli d’Italia, Andrea Delmastro Delle Vedove declares it to “The intervention will be that for any type of crime there is an aggravating circumstance mafia will proceed ex officio”. The undersecretary on the subject of interceptions is clear. “The rationalization of expenditure compared to which historical expenditure has always been lower and therefore we do not expect us to have a lower number of interceptions. Things won’t change compared to today.” We also asked Delmastro if the government intends to limit the use of the ‘trojan’ on the “satellite” crimes of the mafia (and usually among these there is corruption). “No, you will see that it will be so”.

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