Inter, Dybala almost impossible. Marotta renews and tries

Paulo Dybala

Milan, 14 January 2022 – A sensational rumor has been bouncing in the transfer market for two days: Inter his Paul Dybala. The Argentine is experiencing a delicate negotiation for the renewal of his contract with Juventus, a deal that seemed imminent a month ago is now no longer and the parties would harden. The CEO of Juventus Arrivabene he threw a few pinpricks at Joya and what seemed obvious, that is a new signature on the contract, today falters. And Beppe Marotta, king of free-transfer hits, would be sniffing out the deal. However, one thing must be said immediately: the operation is almost impossible.

Salary of 10 million

Now, that it is a suggestion at the moment it is certain, but that Beppe Marotta be sensitive to the talent of Dybala it is equally true. Between saying and doing, however, there is the sea in between. All for one simple reason: the engagement. The Paulo Dybala operation would be difficult to sustain for Inter, which up to now have given the maximum salary to Christian Eriksen (7.5 million euros). For the Argentine, it would be necessary to reach 10 and something more, it means an excessive effort for the Nerazzurri’s balance sheet unless in the summer we are able to free up the mount of some heavy pawns. The highest paid are Sanchez e Vidal around 7 million euros. But returning to the subject, in addition to the engagement, it will be necessary to understand what priorities Dybala will have: will there be a preferential lane with Juve? In short, Joya still hopes to renew but, if it did not happen, would it pass to historical rivals? Difficult to say.

Marotta, Baccin and Ausilio until 2025

Steven’s presence in town Zhang it also made it possible to accelerate some agreements for the supporters of this Nerazzurri relaunch. We are working on confirming the management in full, with Beppe Marotta, Piero Help and Dario Baccin ready to renew until 2025. Another sign of continuity for a newly born winning cycle that has already brought a Scudetto and a Super Cup as a dowry. Once the managers have been renewed, it should also be the turn of the coach Simone Inzaghi.

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