Insults and racist remarks filmed in an SNCB train: the images shock Internet users

The tone rose between a young mother and a group of young people on an SNCB train. The images, posted on social networks by the insulted man, shocked Internet users.

And for good reason, one makes racist remarks, the other insults the child’s physique…

We can hear: “Bamboula, go back to your shitty country”, to which the person replies “Dude, have you seen the head of his child? ” To which the young woman replies: ” Do not insult my daughter, it’s fine! »

A flood of insults ensues. “Dirty stinky” also triggers the anger of the young mother: “Your g****, n*** your mother”, she gets angry.

The video elicited many reactions. So many are those who defend the insulted man (since he publishes on his networks) others do not understand why the group is attacking the child. “Intolerable racist remarks, but… what happened before? » « If you make fun of a child, you shouldn’t be surprised if the mother freaks out and doesn’t measure her remarks », « What was said beforehand? can we read.

Indeed, the video does not reveal the beginning of the exchange.

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