Instagram revolutionizes the timeline: here’s what changes

The Instagram app icon on smartphone

Instagram is thinking about rendering more customizable the user timeline. The chronological order of the published posts on the diary – the only possible option at the moment – may soon be just one of the options available. According to the developer Alessandro Paluzzi, always very well informed about the news of the social network of Meta – Instagram is in fact about to launch a new feature that will allow users to sort the posts of the timeline in a totally autonomous way, choosing which photos or videos to publish first and without respecting any temporal order.

Greater freedom to beat the competition from Tik Tok
The customizable order of post on Instagram is just the latest of the new features that the social network. The continuous updates go in a very clear direction: to beat the increasingly asphyxiating competition of Tik Tok – app most downloaded (and profitable) of 2021 – and try to conquer the younger audience, a regular visitor to the Chinese social network.
Precisely for this reason, in recent times, Instagram has focused heavily on Stories, temporary contents that the public really like for their versatility. This type of content has also been extended, coming up to 60 seconds, just like on Tik Tok.

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The news feed will also be renewed soon
In addition to timeline customization even the feed of Instagram posts will soon see some important news. According to unveiled by Adam Mosseri, boss of the social network, next to the classic feed managed by the artificial intelligence of Instagram, a new one called Favorites will appear soon, with a list of account chosen by the user and with whom only the post of people with similar interests.

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