Inspired by Lady Gaga’s style, influencer Natali Matos uses 12 laces to compose the look

who accompanies Natali Matos on Instagram you know she keeps changing her look. But the influencer does not use changes directly in her hair, but in the laces. The laces are a kind of wig, made by hand, with threads sewn to a very fine fabric (lace), which is fixed to the skin using glues and adhesives, creating an effect of hair growing on the scalp itself. Natali has 12 of them.

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“Women have the right to be free to use what they want and dictate their own style, without being in standards of right and wrong,” said the influencer.

Natali spoke more about her famous laces, always present in her fashion shoots and campaigns. She adopted the accessory in 2019. “I discovered the use of throws on a trip to the United States. And I noticed that this was something common in other cultures and great artists, such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry among others, which evidenced their beauty and personality with their use.

“Since then, I ended up adopting this style, where the laces are part of me and express my personality. I can be several women whenever I want”, she reveals.

The influencer says that she doesn’t create a rule to match her clothes with the laces.

“Today, after a lot of struggle, I managed to stabilize and I can show my 12 laces that create this air of the influencer Natali Matos. As I said before, there are no rules for combinations with my costumes, but for how I feel when developing my advertising work and how influence. Sometimes I change the colors, depending on the work or event I’m going to attend, but that depends on the work”, he points out.

Natali also spoke about women who inspire her. “Today I’ve always been inspired by these women like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and so many others who print this strength in their clothing and in their art,” he says.

“I’m happy to be able to contribute with my image so that so many other women can raise their self-esteem and be happy, with the laces or not. As I always say: each one of us women has a natural and unique style and shine, and these accessories are just used to complement the natural beauty we have,” he concludes.

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