“Insidious 5” gets a release date and returns to the roots of the horror series

“Insidious 5” is coming and revolves around the Lambert family. Now Sony has announced the start date for the horror sequel.

With “Saw” director James Wan has made the horror thriller genre and especially the so-called torture porn socially acceptable. However, he celebrated much greater success in the mainstream with two horror films dedicated to the paranormal: “Insidious” from 2010 and above all “The Conjuring” from 2013. Both films were so successful that they had several sequels and in the case of The Conjuring even created an entire cinematic universe.

While the “Conjuring” universe last received another film in 2021 with “Conjuring 3: Im Ban des Teufels”, the “Insidious” series has been silent since “Insidious: The Last Key”. One reason for this could be that the films move away from the Lambert family around Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne from the third film and instead focus on the medium Dr. Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) have moved. It made this series too similar to the Conjuring films, which center on husband-and-wife duo Ed and Lorraine Warren, also a psychic.

The strength of the first “Insidious” films was primarily an ordinary family that has to deal with the otherworldly and sometimes quite Burton-esque Eternal Realm. And that’s exactly where it should be “Insiders 5” Returning Ten years after the events of Insidious: Chapter 2, the Lamberts are reunited. Son Dalton is now in college. Much has changed, but the supernatural forces still seek the family’s life.

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And fans can rejoice, because Sony Pictures has just set the start date for “Insidious 5” (via deadline): In the USA, the horror film is coming up July 7, 2023 to the cinemas. The German launch date is likely to fall within a similar period. Putting a film in the cinema summer traditionally reserved for event films is usually a sign that a studio has great faith in the work. Otherwise you would never put it in a race with other movie heavyweights. So that’s very good news, you wouldn’t expect anything else from the cult studio Blumhouse Productions. You can see which horror films await you in 2022 in the video.

Patrick Wilson directs ‘Insidious 5’ for the first time

The busy Patrick Wilson, who recently finished filming the cinema spectacle “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, will not only be in front of the camera on “Insidious 5”, but will also direct it for the first time in his career, an experience on which he was very pleased as he faced Screen Rant let know:

“It’s something that’s very close to my heart. And there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t been fully into it since the idea was pitched to me. It’s been a lot of work for author Scott Teems and myself. and [Produzent] Leigh Whannell has been a great help and Blumhouse is of course a great partner. I’ve done a lot with them. And I couldn’t be happier to take my first steps with a very supportive and pleasant group of people who, for some reason, trust me.”

Even though it will be his directorial debut, Wilson has spent years watching one of the horror grandmasters, James Wan, at work. That must have definitely rubbed off.

Do you love horror movies more than anything and have you seen almost every one? Then you should be able to recognize all the films in this quiz without further ado, right?

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