Inoxtag ready to do anything to fit Michou with Elsa Bois (DALS11)? The video that freaks out the fans

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Contrary to what one might think, Elsa Bois is not at all annoyed by the rumors of a couple with Michou. In fact, the 21-year-old prefers to laugh about it. The proof, she agreed to participate in one of his videos Youtube. In it, the influencer seeks to know who knows him best between the streamer Inoxtag and his partner of Dance with the stars. It did not take more to panic the fans, especially since his friend did everything to help him conclude with the beautiful brunette.

Throughout the video, Inoxtag had fun making lots of innuendos about the great bond between Michou and Elsa Bois. “We are going to talk about the Michou and Elsa couple” he thus launched at the beginning, before explaining that he had seen a connection between the YouTuber and the professional dancer. “He fucking loves you, what are you waiting for?” he then yelled at the beautiful brunette, visibly amused by the situation. He also stressed that the latter was worried about the content creator, proof of his growing affection?

In the end, Elsa Bois won the victory and two gifts: a photo frame of Michou as well as a meal in a fast food restaurant with her. As for Inoxtag, it won a pledge but its attitude made Internet users laugh a lot. “Inox, he is so deeply into the Michou / Elsa relationship”, “Objective: find a friend to help me as Inox helps Michou”, “It is clearly Inox that ships Elsa and Michou the most” we could read on the Web. So, simple friendship or budding romance? Last I heard, Elsa Bois would have become single again because of Michou.

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