“Innocents”: the new schedule for Antena 3 of Wounded Souls

The Turkish soap opera “Innocent“(” Masumlar Apartmani “, in its original language) where the story of Han and Inci is told has managed to captivate its thousands of followers in Spain through Antena 3. Precisely, said television network has surprised the audience by giving them a new schedule and with more chapters of this production.

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The Ottoman drama stars the actress Farah Zeynep Abdullah who plays Inch and the actor Birkan Sokullu, who embodies They have whose dramas, obsessions, and family secrets will grab viewers. But Han will also meet Inci who will start the fight between what they want, desire and what they will do for the good of their respective families.

Along with them you will also be able to see a renowned cast of actors such as Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar, Gizem Katmer, Atilla Şendil, Metin Coşkun, Esra Rusan and Alper Saldiran, among others.

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Innocents stars Farah Zeynep Abdullah and Birkan Sokullu.

In Spain, “Innocent”Arrived on July 22 and from that date it was captivating the television audience and little by little the fans of the Ottoman production increased, which is reflected in the high ratings.


The soap opera “Innocent” O “Wounded souls”Has a regular schedule in Spain through Antena 3; However, last Monday, November 22, 2021, the television network decided to modify this schedule and increase 45 minutes more than what is commonly broadcast.

With this, the Ottoman production reached almost two hours of transmission to the joy of all its fans. It should be taken into account that the majority of Turkish soap operas that arrive in Spain are fragmented, adapting to the programming of the channels.

"Inocentes" is one of the telenovelas with great success in Spain.
“Inocentes” is one of the telenovelas with great success in Spain.

Thus, an original chapter of “Innocent”Is around 140 minutes, which constitutes two installments on the Antena 3 network that divides them into 75-minute episodes. But on November 22 the delivery lasted 120 minutes. Also, on Tuesday the telenovela returned to its standardized schedule, according to the Antena 3 grid.

In short, the Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November, also known as “Wounded souls”, appeared on Antena 3 in the 22:45 hours, according to official information from the Spanish channel.

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‘’Innocent” narrates the life of They have, a successful man who lives to support his sick father and his two older sisters Safiye and Gulben, who have an obsession with cleanliness.

Secondly, Inch She is a young woman with dependency problems who lives with her brother and grandfather, after being abandoned by her mother. She tries to always be with everyone and is unable to end her toxic relationship with Uygar, her alcoholic boyfriend.

Han makes Inci's decision to separate very badly.
Han makes Inci’s decision to split up very badly.

Their paths meet in a traffic accident, where Inci comes to Han’s rescue and takes him to a hospital. This couple will not be to the liking of the young man’s family, who will have to overcome many problems to achieve happiness.

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