Innocence plays a trick on Belinda: she doesn’t know what mazacuata is


Belinda participated in the reality show La Divina Comida where she did not recognize a popular double meaning term and was the victim of ridicule from her peers.

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Belinda He is in one of the best moments of his professional career with great success in his performances as a singer at the same time that he has his place assured in the series welcome to eden and also participates in the reality show the divine food where he had a particular performance product of his innocence or as some assured: “lack of neighborhood”.

The new format of HBO Max brings together 16 celebrities to demonstrate all their cooking skills and act as hosts in a competition that sees many exchanges between its participants. In this way is that Belinda he fell prey to his innocence in an unbeatable opportunity to arouse the laughter of his companions for not recognizing a fairly popular term.

In this case the host for the night was Jose Angel Bichir Y Belinda shared place with guests like Manu NNA and the comedian veronica toussaint who used all his histrionics to turn the Spanish singer into the joke of the day, something that many followers of the TV program certainly found funny, although it was also criticized, surely, by the fans of the former couple of Christian Nodal.

Belinda is surprised by a very special word

Then and in front of the perfect figure of Belinda the cook wondered if she was going to eat what he had prepared. Of course, the singer and actress assured: “Sourdough? No! Well then, what future do I have? Because I eat everything. Pizza, sourdough, father dough”was the reaction of Belinda, So Verónica was quick on her reflexes and told her that she also ate “mazacuata”, something that aroused laughter from all.

The singer’s reaction In love you must forgive Do not be late: “What? What did I miss? Hey, please share the joke. I have no idea what that word is.”something that can be quite incredible for the people of Mexico where the mazacuata is a native snake but at the same time it is the way in which the male reproductive system is called with a double meaning.

After another participant explained to Belinda the meaning of that word veronica toussaint He tried to alleviate the situation by assuring: “It’s good that there are still people like Belinda, who are innocent and she really did not know the meaning of the mazacuata”however the joke gave way to a rather awkward moment.

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