Inka Bause: "There are things I’d rather discuss with friends than with my daughter"

Inka Bause has been pairing up singles for “Bauer sucht Frau” for over 15 years, she herself does not have a permanent partner. In an interview with GALA, the presenter now talks about her dating experiences and reveals whether she even believes in great love.

Inka Bause, 53, was married to the composer Hendrik Bruch, †53, from 1996 to 2005 [Anm. d. Red.: Bruch starb im September 2016], the couple have one daughter together. Since then, the presenter has not appeared in public with a new man. But she still believes in great love, as she emphasizes in the GALA interview: “I’d rather wait for my Mr. Right.”

GALA: What does your perfect first date look like?
Inka Bause:
My perfect date would be a spontaneous date. You meet someone privately or at work and then you decide to go for a glass of wine or to move around the house. That would be my favorite.

Do you talk to your daughter about your dating experiences?
There are things I’d rather discuss with friends than with my daughter. I really talk to her about God and the world, we have a very close relationship. At the moment she could rather give me advice because she has already found the man of her dreams.

“I find men breathtaking who show their feelings without hesitation”

What does a man have to do to take your breath away?
Most importantly, a man has to be genuinely interested in me as a person, regardless of my celebrity status. He should also be empathetic and have his heart in the right place. I find men breathtaking who show their feelings without hesitation.

You are the testimonial of an online dating platform. Are you signed up for dating apps yourself?
I would love to register on – like about a million registered users in Germany. A great way to find someone to share common interests with. What I find so positive about Zweisam: Here you can chat or call someone in a protected space before arranging a first date. I know quite a few couples who got to know and love each other that way. Unfortunately for me as a celebrity this is not possible.

Inka Bause is waiting for her “Mr. Right”

You’ve brought so many couples together in “Bauer sucht Frau”: Is there a growing longing to finally have someone by your side again?
Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world! We can all meet the woman or man of our dreams every day – if we are open to it. But I’m a strong, independent woman living my life, and I don’t depend on having a partner by my side for my happiness.

Do you believe in great love?
Yes of course! Not only do I firmly believe in it, I also know from my own experience that great love exists. Because I’ve seen them before. In this respect, I don’t make any lazy compromises, but rather wait for my Mr. Right. And who knows: maybe I’ll meet him today.


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