Injustice: 5 reasons to see the movie based on the video game

Top reasons to see Injustice, an animated adaptation of the DC video game, available on Infinity.

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Injustice: a scene from the film

Come up Infinity the animated film Injustice, based on the video game with DC characters and part of the DC Universe Original Animated Movies genre, intended for the home video and platform market. A trend that, on this tour, explores the videogame material (as already done in part a few years ago with a film set in the Arkham game universe) to stage the clash, on a planetary scale, between Superman and the other heroes of the famous publishing house. And for the occasion, as often happens in these cases, we wanted to review the five main reasons not to miss this new adaptation by DC and Warner Bros.

1. A very respectable trend

Injustice 9

Injustice: a moment of the animated film

As we have already said in the introduction, Injustice is part of the DC Universe Original Animated Movies series, inaugurated in 2007 and aimed at a more mature audience and connoisseur of the original comics, through adaptations of particularly significant storylines such as the death of Superman or the stories of Batman edited by Frank Miller. All with an animated style that can vary from project to project (usually the visual uniformity is only for films set in the same universe, such as the recent vein based on the New 52), and more often than not gives the single title a ‘ visual identity that has nothing to envy to live-action feature films. This newer example is no exception.

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2. The source

Injustice 2

Injustice: a moment in the film

This film was particularly anticipated by fans due to the base material: Injustice: Gods Among Us, the video game released in 2013 that imagines an alternate universe where Superman, destroyed by grief after accidentally killing Lois Lane by manipulating the Joker, becomes a tyrant and adopts increasingly brutal methods to ensure justice. This leads Batman to organize a resistance, also asking for help from superheroes from other universes. The game had a sequel, released in 2017, and spawned a comic book spin-off that chronicles the events immediately preceding the main storyline. The film adapts elements of both versions. The franchise of Injustice it also partially influenced Zack Snyder’s DC films.

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3. The deviations

Injustice 7

Injustice: una scena

While maintaining the basic idea, the film is not a completely faithful adaptation, even for narrative needs (the duration is only 80 minutes, which requires the simplification / omission of some elements). Consequently, there is no shortage of surprises for those who know the original material well, where other feature films of the DC Universe Original Animated Movies vein flaunted greater adherence to the original canvas (just think of Batman: The Killing Joke, substantially identical to the comic except for the addition of a prologue to extend the duration). The voices are also different from those of the videogame, to allow the film to have an identity of its own.

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4. The tone

Injustice 1

Injustice: a sequence from the animated film

While the vast majority of DC movies, whether they are live-action or animated, opt for a PG-13 visa in the United States, making it the recommended viewing for ages 13 and up, this is part of the group that was granted the visa R, i.e. the ban on minors under 17 without adult supervision. Given the content, this mostly means that the fight scenes, devoid of commercial inhibitions, can be violent and spectacular at the right point, a kind of animated response to the most brutal moments in Snyder’s films. Who, incidentally, had plans to adapt elements of Injustice for the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, where Superman would end up under Darkseid’s control following Lois’ death.

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5. He cast

Injustice 1

Injustice: a sequence from the film

These movies always boast cast high-level vocals, whether they are professional voice actors or actors from film and television. Here, for example, the original Joker is Kevin Pollak, the famous supporting actor of The Usual Suspects, while Harley Quinn is Gillian Jacobs, known for Community. And then there’s Superman, whose casting is the most gluttonous for DC fans and connoisseurs of previous transpositions: it’s Justin Hartley, who for years was Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in Smallville, after having previously worn the clothes by Aquaman in a television pilot later discarded by the network.

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