Injured and operated on in Brazil, Paqueta scares OL

On vacation in Brazil, Lucas Paqueta had a misadventure that ranks him directly in the top of the most ridiculous injuries for a footballer!

We knew about Yoann Gourcuff’s injury while walking his dog or even Lionel Letizi’s lumbago while picking up a letter that fell in Scrabble, let us tell you about Lucas Paqueta’s kite accident! The OL attacking midfielder had to have surgery in Brazil after cutting his thumb!

“Thumb Up and Cut It Off”

It is via a message posted on Twitter that Lucas Paqueta wanted to tell his little misadventure. Taking advantage of a well-deserved rest in Brazil after an exhausting season for him, the Brazilian midfielder indulged in a little kite session. Without giving more details on how the accident took place, the Brazilian published: “Remember that children’s games also have consequences. I went kite flying and cut my finger. Everything is fine “. A message accompanied by a photo in which we see him with his hand bandaged, but all smiles.

This stupid accident is not so trivial for Lucas Paqueta who specifies that the cut will still require a small surgical intervention in order to avoid complications. The Brazilian did not hesitate to be ironic about his situation: “Everything is going well. Thumbs up and cut it. » As recovery looms at Olympique Lyonnais, the future of Lucas Paqueta is uncertain. Several clubs have positioned themselves, particularly in the Premier League. Tottenham, Newcastle and Arsenal could offer the 50 million euros claimed by OL. In the meantime, the Brazilian has time to recover from his minor injury. In any case, you have to tell him that the fact of playing with a bandage in his hand is already copyrighted by Karim Benzema!

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