Ingrid Grudke renounced the work of Nito Artaza and exploded in an audio: "I got tired"

This Thursday, May 12, the premiere of the press function of Cobra K, however, has been suspended until further notice. The reason? Ingrid Grudke resigned from Nito Artazza’s work and they must find a replacement.

Rumors indicated that the reason for the separation was due to a fight that the model carried out with Vicky Xipolitakis. However, that transcended was denied shortly after by both protagonists.

We never had anything with her, but good vibes with everything. They always say anything. If she’s not going to be here anymore, it’s a shame because she was doing very well and the truth is I have a good relationship with everyone. But the production can tell you something that I don’t know“, commented the Greek.

Nito Artaza’s post before Ingrid Grudke’s resignation.

Now, fed up with the speculation about her resignation, Ingrid, who recently reported that he started a new life, broke the silence and explained the reasons for the decision. “What they say about my fight with Vicky is a lie, nothing to do with it and she is divine. The titles they put on are very sexist, this is the easiest thing for everyone and the typical fight between two women. The truth is that the producers grabbed at each other, yelled at each other and in front of the entire cast. We have nothing to do“, indicated the model in an audio that she sent to John Etchegoyen and that the journalist later reproduced on Miter Live.

“As I saw that the working conditions that they had promised me were not there and the untidy rehearsals, the dirty bathrooms, lights and sound, saturated me. A lot of things, I got tired and left, I did not have the opportunity to meet her Vicky, she is divine. I don’t even know her“, plot.

Finally, he stated: “Don’t make these things up for me. It is a big lie, that the producers of the shitty work take over… that they sent themselves“.

Watch the video in which Ingrid Grudke talks about her resignation from Cobra K!

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