Ingrid Chauvin in difficulty because of her son Tom, she speaks on Instagram

In recent weeks, the number of cases of contamination with the Covid-19 virus has exploded in France. And no one is unfortunately spared … Like France, the cast of the series “Tomorrow belongs to us” is the victim of a huge wave of contamination, so that the shooting is for the moment interrupted.

We have thus learned that several key characters such as Adher played by Adrien Gabeulet, Lizzi played by Juliette Mabilat or even Noor played by Sahelle de Figueiredo have all tested positive and are therefore confined to their homes, far from their colleagues. For her part, Ingrid Chauvin, who also plays one of the main characters of the program, has not contracted the virus for the moment. Despite everything, the 48-year-old actress is stranded at her home and it is because of her son Tom that she cannot leave her house.

Ingrid Chauvin in difficulty because of her son Tom
Fourth day confined with Tom. Have you also faced this problem with your children?“she launched on Instagram. Faced with the rise in Covid cases, several schools are indeed obliged to send Covid-positive children home, in order to avoid contamination.”It’s the complicated period with the little ones. We do school at home, we manage as best we can, and at the same time, these are moments that we have the chance to share with our children and which are precious“thus explained the actress.

I get coached by the teacher every day for homework. It’s nice !“added Ingrid Chauvin who, recently divorced, can happily count on the support of her new companion, photographer Philippe Warrin.

Eleanor de la Fontaine

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