Ingra Lyberato remembers her season in the Pantanal, in 1990: "I was never afraid of piranhas or alligators"

Ingra Lyberato tells with emotion the memories lived in the Pantanal, during the recordings of the story of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, in 1990, in which he played Madeleine. The 55-year-old actress recalls the “sense of harmony” that the landscape brings.

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in conversation with the Who, Ingra explains: “The feeling is of being in the place where the world began. Variety of animals, plants, beautiful and wild animals. And preservation happens due to the difficulty of access. In the most exuberant region, most of the year, only No more single-engine or twin-engine planes. I remember that on my first trip, the pilot Luís Henrique made several lows to show me capybaras and deer running in the field, alligators on the banks of the Rio Negro and incredible birds.”

“I felt that I was facing something sacred and much bigger than myself. This feeling accompanied me in the weeks I was recording”, he said. The artist evaluates the sunset as dazzling, leaving the scenes “epic”. “I swam in the river every day and I was never afraid of piranhas or alligators. When I took my son, the same thing. We were alert, but we weren’t afraid.”

The feeling of harmony is so great that you feel that no animal will attack you, if you respect their space. At the time of the first version, my biggest challenge had nothing to do with the place.

She added: “Actually, it was taking off her clothes in a scene for the first time. But it all worked out and the scene has incredible chemistry and that also has to do with the place. Life that pulsates and is contagious with the force of life.” In addition to the scenes filmed there, Ingra also visited the Pantanal on other occasions, such as in 1990, when she was married to director Jayme Monjardim, also responsible for the original plot. In 2019, she visited the biome alongside her son, Guilherme.

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