Influencer vents when defending breastfeeding in public: “They keep looking, I’m just feeding”

Mother of Bryan3 months, the influencer Maquellen Azevedo27, took to Instagram to defend breastfeeding in public and took the opportunity to vent.

On the social network, she shared two photos in which she appears breastfeeding the little one and said that she was “surprised” to find that many people disapprove of the act:

“I went through a situation that until some time ago I considered so normal, but that I did not imagine to be a reason for prejudice. Being a mother is not an easy task, but I felt even more difficult when I received, for the first time, the crooked eyes aimed at me, because I was simply breastfeeding my child”, she began.

Maquellen added: “I try to ‘don’t care’, after all, what matters is his food, but it’s something that hurts me and I can’t miss it”, he continued.

When exposing the case on the platform, she received support from other mothers who go through the same situation: “Breastfeeding is so beautiful, it should be normalized”, wrote one of her followers.

“Breastfeeding is an act of resistance, and it’s important to talk about it and discuss it. (…) I love to breastfeed my son, I love to see those little eyes looking at me in this very special moment of ours, which is breastfeeding”, continued the influencer.

At the end of the text, Maquellen explained the reason for the photos: “Here in our photos you see a gray and white background, and in the middle of this background we are highlighted in red, blood red, red of love, a strong color. This is us in the midst of so many sad people, in a world without love… ‘We are Love’ we are strong and what’s around us won’t take away that glow of love that highlights any place we are together “, completed. .

There is Law, nº 8.069, in the Statute of Children and Adolescents, which guarantees mothers the right to breastfeed their babies anywhere: “the lactating woman is guaranteed the right to breastfeed the child in any and all environments, public or private, although exclusive places are available for the practice”, says the text.

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