Influencer spends BRL 20 million to recreate Round 6 and is detonated

Round 6 became the biggest hit in Netflix history, and it has won fans around the world with a straightforward, shocking plot filled with social metaphors. Unfortunately, some viewers did not understand the meaning of the series, and one influencer in particular was detonated on the internet by spending approximately R$ 20 million to “recreate the games”. Below we explain everything you need to know about this unusual story.

In Round 6, 456 people are invited to participate in a mysterious survival competition called just the Squid Game. Participants compete in a series of traditional children’s games – but with deadly twists – and put their lives at risk in pursuit of the 45.6 billion Wons (South Korea’s currency) prize.

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Only one of the participants takes the jackpot. In this scenario marked by betrayal, ambition and many dangers, all competitors do everything to secure the prize. After all, Round 6 only invites people who really need money, which brings a greater level of desperation to the competition.

In other words, the fact that a digital influencer spends millions of dollars to repeat the games shown in Round 6 is, to say the least, problematic.

The controversial recreation of Round 6 in real life

Youtuber, tiktoker and influencer MrBeast is getting rave reviews from Twitter users after sharing on TikTok a video of the construction of their “Real Life Round 6”.

Since the launch of the series, American MrBeast has announced the intention to recreate the South Korean series in a real-life version.

In recent weeks, tiktoker revealed that the construction of the games set would cost 3.5 million dollars (approximately 20 million reais), and that the scenario was already being produced.

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By posting the update on his TikTok on November 13th, the influencer met resistance and criticism from followers.

YouTuber also shared the video on Twitter, which increased the amount of criticism and further inflamed the opinions of followers.

According to a netizen, recreating the series’ scenario doesn’t make sense, since the games can be played anywhere.

“I really can’t understand this! The series is about children’s games. The games are based on child’s play. You can just play them. Why do so many people think a Round 6 in real life would be cool?” asked one follower.

Other criticisms involved MrBeast’s own set, which doesn’t even come close to the detailed look of the Netflix production.

“It’s like a simple 20-foot painting. The main details of the more intricate look are missing, especially the set of hills”, commented another tweeter.

Finally, another user group argued that MrBeast should have donated this amount to those who really need it, instead of building such an elaborate setting.

Check out the controversial video in question below and draw your own conclusions. Round 6 is available from the Netflix catalog.

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