Influencer Scheila Santos reveals using men’s underwear and points out: "My ex had a fetish"

Scheila Santos just want to know comfort! The travel influencer started to adhere to a trend that has been growing among underwear, especially women’s, which values ​​the well-being of women. But even with increasingly optimized pieces, the model really likes to invest in men’s pieces.

“I like to wear underwear. I use it to go out, but I prefer to use it more at home, I feel very comfortable”, reveals Scheila. “The boxers have an excess of cloth in the front, so I try to wear the ‘samba song’ style because, as I’m very thin and small, I choose the smallest size and the piece becomes looser shorts.”

Scheila says that she has some models of “female underwear”, but she still prefers male underwear. “I find the fabrics and the elastic more comfortable. They don’t keep squeezing, bothering.”

The travel influencer also explains that she started this mania after she tried on clothes at an ex-boyfriend’s house.

“I ended up sleeping at his house and had no clothes of mine to change into. So I tried on some of his pieces and saw that I could wear underwear too. I recommend it!”, she says, who reports: “It ended up becoming a fetish. My ex liked to see me in my underwear.”

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