Influencer is attacked by bikini photos and says: “It destroys mental health”

the influencer drielly drudiaged 23, said that he is the target of mean comments and nasty messages every time he shares bikini pictures on Instagram, where he has more than 1.7 million followers.

“It’s very common to get these nasty messages, mostly saying something about how I look or the way I dress,” she began.

Drielly added: “I used to post a lot of videos and bikini photos, but as a lot of people appear to attack me, I stopped posting so as not to destroy my mental health and stay well. I also received love messages, but it got to the point where I prefer not to post anymore, ”she vented.

The influencer explained that she sometimes refutes the attacks and that the number of haters has increased considerably: “I respond to some attacks from time to time, but not always. I started having haters early on, however, lately it’s been much more apparent. I’ve been getting a lot of messages. It moves me when they say something about my family and my sisters,” she explained.

Drielly believes that people who access someone’s profile to post mean comments “have been sick for months” and should go to therapy.

“I already thought [em fazer terapia]. But not just because of the attacks. Therapy is essential for everyone. I know that these people who come to put me down are actually feeling bad about themselves, they are unhappy and have low self-esteem. In the end, I wish them the best and hope they can work it out. It’s that saying: happy people don’t bother, “she opined.

In the last three months, Drielly has changed her diet and started to exercise regularly and managed to eliminate six kilos. The change, according to her, has no connection with the attacks she receives on social networks:

“I won’t change to please anyone, especially those who don’t like me. I lost weight to feel good about myself, and it brought satisfactory results, ”she added.

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