Influencer decides to pose nude after having leaked photos

After having intimate photos and videos leaked by her ex-boyfriend without her consent, influencer Cris Casttiel decided to invest in her sexuality and earn money by creating adult content.

Victim of “revenge porn”, she has just created a page on OnlyFans and also accepted the invitation made by Sexy magazine to do her first nude shoot.

“I decided to cash in after all this happened. I thought: am I going to live in a cesspool, regretting what happened every day or am I going to make lemonade out of lemons? I chose the second option, ”she explained.

Cris added: “I got really bad, but I got over it. I understood that there is nothing wrong with assuming a sensual side and making money with my photos and videos. I signed with the magazine, I made a thoughtful case, even to tease my ex, ”she continued.

The dissemination of intimate photos and videos without the person’s consent is a crime and unfortunately has become more common in Brazil. The influencer said that she knows friends who also went through the same experience: “I woke up one day with several messages saying that my nudes were in groups. They were videos I sent him. I was terrified of my intimacy being exposed like this. I had to deal with mean comments and it all made me very sick, ”she revealed.

In addition, the leaked nudes harmed his work. On social media, she reviews tourist destinations, hotels and restaurants. And some of them gave up hiring her. “I lost contracts and trips, I was floored, but I understood little by little that I needed to overcome. With the support of friends, I gradually got back on my feet. The haters also stopped, because I was a victim ”, she analyzed.

More comfortable exploring his sexuality, Cris promises to do his best on OnlyFans. “When the videos leaked, I received many messages asking about selling the content. I thought: this is a chance to make some money, everyone is already seeing me for free. It was then that I set up my profile and started recording myself. I am enjoying the novelty and discovering myself too, ”she added.

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