Influencer cries when accused of editing video to get a slim waist: “I’ve never edited my body”

Influenciadora fitness, Chloe Roberts, 21, was harshly criticized for sharing videos of a recent workout she did at the gym because, she says, a “failure” in recording videos with her iPhone 13.

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The controversy started after the profile Celeb Spellcheck drew attention to a “sudden shift” in her waist during weightlifting exercises.

The target of a barrage of spiteful comments – many implying that she had used “body-editing software” – Chloe turned to Instagram Stories to explain herself and ended up crying, saying that trolling like this “could ruin her reputation”.

“I’m really upset, someone is trying to destroy me,” she said, tears in her eyes. “Everything I’ve achieved is in jeopardy, and I’ve worked hard to get here,” she continued, who has more than 300,000 followers.

“I shoot videos with my camera all the time. I can show everyone to prove that I never edited my body. My reputation is at risk”, he vented.

Chloe explained that the change in her waist region was due to a flaw in the iPhone 13’s video capture, which she says occurs when you move from the ultra wide field of view to the non ultra wide field of view.

“I’m upset and angry at people who think I edit my body,” she said, showing off her waistline to prove she didn’t edit the recording.

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