Inflation and holidays: ice cream, rosé, nectarines… these summer flagship products whose prices are soaring

The rise in prices of the flagship products of the summer confirmed in our comparison.

The note is salty for vacationers! This is the confirmation of a concern expressed in recent weeks by consumer associations. This Friday, July 22, Rural Families warned of the soaring prices of fruits and vegetables, by 11% between 2021 and 2022. The price of green watermelon thus exploded by 40%, that of peppers by 37% and that of the vine tomato by 31%.

The price increase confirmed in our summer price comparison.

On the terrace or at the beach, the trend is on the rise

Our comparison does not say anything else about nectarines, the kilo of which is increasing in twelve of the fourteen cities in the region, tested in this summer of 2022. A trend in food more observed by UFC – Que Choisir. The surveys carried out by our teams on the must-haves of the summer are final. Pitcher of rosé, ice cream, half…, everything is on the rise. This does not fail to react to Internet users on Twitter, with a touch of humor.

I tried to digest the more than 2€ per liter of fuel, but can we talk about the price of melons? Nectarine? Watermelon?

Is this the world after?

— Loves crossed Stan Account (@MhmnCadeau) June 27, 2022

Inflation on the price of ice cream?????

Come on, syrup + water + freezer bag, the return of this banger

— BMS | Shadow (@ShadowYgo) July 19, 2022

Without scientific vocation, our table however gives an instructive snapshot as much on the budgetary reality of the households as on the commercial practices of the South, in particular in the seaside resorts where the prices are, with a few exceptions, at the highest. What curb the consumption of tourists yet numerous in the region. “I confirm that vacationers are there, but they spend efficiently! , delivered to us a Hérault restaurant in the last few days. No madness, they know it will be harder at the start of the school year, so they anticipate and watch everything.” The debate in the National Assembly is all the more topical.

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