Inflation, +11.8% in October. The greatest increases in Sicily, Liguria and Sardinia. Here is the ranking of the cities where the cost of living has risen the most

In October inflation in Italy it increased by 11.8%: this is the definitive figure released by theIstatslightly lower than the11.9% initially estimated. The geographical differences that emerge from the statistics published by the institute are interesting. Prices run more in the islands (+14.2%) and in the North East (+12%), while the increases are more contained in the Center (+11.6%), in the South (+11.5%) and in the North-West (+11.3%). Among the capitals and municipalities with more than 150,000 inhabitants, the highest inflation is observed a Catania (+15.6%), Palermo (+14.9%) and Messina (+14.1%) followed by Ravenna (+13.9%), Genoa (+13.4) and Bologna (+13.2), while the lowest trend changes are recorded a Power (+9.1%) and Aosta (+8.7%).

LNational Consumer Union on the basis of Istat data, it has drawn up the ranking of the most expensive cities and regions in Italy, in terms of increase in the cost of living in October. Ahead Ravenna with a higher additional expenditure equivalent, on average, to 3,359 euros on an annual basis. Also in second place is a city in Emilia Romagna, Bologna, where the 13.2% rise in prices determines an increase in annual expenditure of 3,293 euros for an average family. In third place Bozen which loses the primacy of the most “increased” city in Italy but whose inhabitants have to face an additional expense equal to 3269 euros per year for a typical family. In fourth place Milan (+11.7%, +3176 euros), then Catania, which with +15.6% has the highest inflation in Italy and expenditure of 3097 euros, Modena (+12.8%, 3093 euros), in seventh place Trento (+11.7%, +3062 euros). They follow Perugia (+13.1%, +3,009 euros) e Brescia (+11.3% +2980 euros). Florence closes the top ten, +12.7%, equal to 2962 euros.

Rome is in twentieth place and Turin at the twenty-first, the National Union of Consumers indicates that Sicily is the region with the cities with the highest inflation. In fact, after Catania, Palermo is in second place (+14.9%, +2958 euros) and Messina in third place (+14.1%, +2689 euros). The city where the cost of living has risen the least is Power, with inflation of 9.1% and an additional expense for a typical family equal to “only” 1797 euros. Catanzaro follows (+10%, +1868 euros) and Reggio Calabria (+10.4%, +1942 euros). The city with the lowest inflation is Aosta, with +8.7% (2153 euros).

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