“Infiel”, the Turkish telenovela that beat Univision for the first time

  • The first time that the Turkish telenovela “Infiel” beat Univision
  • “Hayat Bilgisi”, the work that hardly anyone knew of Cansu Dere
  • The marriage proposals that Asya received in “Unfaithful”

“Unfaithful” is one of the most successful Turkish soap operas at the international level. Although the drama starring Cansu Dere Y Caner Cindoruk came to an end on May 25 in Turkey with the broadcast of its 60th chapter, the fiction continues to be broadcast in Spain on Antena 3 and recently reached Telemundo.

The fiction, originally titled “Sadakatsiz”, premiered on Monday, June 13 through the Telemundo signal. Months ago it was learned that the Spanish-language network had acquired the broadcast rights for the Turkish drama to capture more audience in its night time slot.

In addition to a good story, “Unfaithful” It has renowned actors and actresses in its cast such as Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen, Özge Özder, Yeliz Kuvanci and Gözde Seda Altuner, among others, which has made it one of the most successful Turkish productions in recent years. . So how is Turkish drama doing on Telemundo?

The actors Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk are the protagonists of “Unfaithful” (Photo: Medyapim)


The Turkish telenovela “Infiel” managed to take the lead from Univision for the first time last Thursday, June 16 at 10 pm Eastern time.

According to People en Español, the story starring Cansu Dere averaged 1,035,000 viewers (P2+) compared to the 979 thousand (P2+) recorded in the same time slot for “The Last King: The Son of the People” (Univision).

In this way, the Turkish drama is reaping great success on Telemundo. Its first chapter was broadcast last Monday, June 13, and since then it has been very well received by the public.


The Turkish telenovela “Infiel” has been broadcast through the Telemundo signal since last June 13 at night. The Spanish-speaking network gave it the following schedule in its programming:

  • Monday June 20 at 10 pm
  • Tuesday June 21 at 10 pm
  • Wednesday June 22 at 10 pm
  • Thursday June 23 at 10 pm
  • Friday June 24 at 10 pm

You can also see “Unfaithful” online

The Turkish series can also be seen online on the Telemundo app, which you can download through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Likewise, you will be able to watch the episodes through the website of the Spanish-speaking American network. You only have to access .

Finally, do not forget that each installment will be available, the day after its broadcast, through the streaming platform Peacock.z


Asya (Cansu Dere) is a successful doctor. Ella’s husband Volkan (Caner Cindoruk) is a wonderful husband and father to her son Ali (Alp Akar). The nuclear family of three has always lived a life full of peace and happiness. At least, that’s what the protagonist believed.

The doctor trusts her husband a lot. However, she suspects that he is unfaithful. She finds out that her husband has been in a relationship with Derin (Melis Sezen) for a few years. Asya tries her best to get rid of this situation, but she can’t help the bad feeling in her heart. Now, she must choose between saving her marriage or taking revenge on her husband.

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