“Infiel”: schedule this weekend by Antena 3

Qualified as one of the most successful Turkish productions of recent times due to the high level of tuning it obtains in each episode, the telenovela “Unfaithful”(“ Sadakatsiz ”, in its original language) has become the favorite of Spain. In that country, this great production can be seen through the Antena 3 signal.

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In that sense, the story starring the doctor Asia, played by the actress Cansu Dere and Volcano, character embodied by Caner Cindoruk, It is the favorite of Antena 3 viewers. In fiction, this is a married couple who, in addition to living with their son, will see that their happiness moves away from them after a woman enters their lives.

This is how the solid relationship they held is destroyed Asia and Volcano. It should be noted that the Ottoman drama is an adaptation of a British series that appeared in 2015: “Doctor Foster.” This creation by Mike Bartlett appeared on the BBC Television signal and has been relatively successful in the UK when it was on the air.

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Unfaithful stars Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk.


Fans of “Unfaithful”Have made this Ottoman production one of the most viewed in Spain. That is why there is great expectation in what may happen in each episode of the soap opera because emotion and surprises are characteristic of Turkish drama.

Thus, Antenna 3 has announced the schedule in which the Turkish soap opera will be broadcast this weekend where it promises to catch its thousands of followers.

  • The schedule chosen for this Sunday, November 21, is from 10:10 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. (local time).

To the joy of its thousands of followers, the episodes of the telenovela will last until the early hours of the morning of Monday 22. Thus, from 00:00 hours to 02:30 hours (local time) that day will also be You can watch the soap opera.

Asya and Volkan with their son Ali in the soap opera Infiel.
Asya and Volkan with their son Ali in the soap opera Infiel.


Many are the surprises that can be seen in the next chapter of the telenovela “Unfaithful”. That is why we tell you what will happen in episode 12.


Volcano decides to take Ali home after decorating the Christmas tree together but is in for a big surprise when he sees that Selçuck prowls Asya’s house. Faced with this, it crosses her mind that he would be the one who tried to suffocate her.

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Determined to do everything, he goes to him and confronts him. “I told you to be near her to keep an eye on her and scare her. The thing about the stone with the threatening note was enough. Don’t get any closer to Asya or I’ll kill you”Volkan tells the suspect.

But his warnings have no effect on the man who also decides to confront him, in addition to asking him – Volkan – to pay him everything he owes to leave Asya alone. “Your ex-wife hurt me too much and now it’s her turn to pay”He tells Volkan.

Caner Cindoruk is Volkan Arslan, a man who will cheat on his wife with a girl much younger than him in Unfaithful.
Caner Cindoruk is Volkan Arslan, a man who will cheat on his wife with a girl much younger than him in Unfaithful.


Distressed by the attacks she suffered at the hands of a suspicious man, Asya begins to suspect that her husband is behind the whole situation. Faced with this, he decides to distance himself from him.

Likewise, her son Ali observes his mother very sad and promises her that he will spend Christmas with her.


A charity auction for the city’s neediest children is held at the hotel owned by the Güçlüs. Faced with this, Gönul tries to prevent Bahar from selling the toys that she makes by hand after the scorn of Derin.

At that moment, Asia He tries to defend his ex-girlfriend and manages to get a position handed over to him. The doctor buys a stuffed animal for Zeynep, but Derin snatches it from her hands.

Cansu Dere plays Dr. Asya on the soap opera Infiel.
Cansu Dere plays Dr. Asya on the soap opera Infiel.


Ishan, for his part, will make things clear to Hakan and Sea: There is no way that Asya will stop being the head of the hospital. The owner of the health center has learned of Volkan’s bribery, putting money for the equipment in exchange for the dismissal of his ex-wife.

We will not kick Mrs. Asya out in exchange for a donation to the clinic. Case closed”He told Harkan. While to Derya, who will remove the body from the situation, he will say that “you are a very valid woman, but you will not be the head doctor in this clinic”.

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