“Infiel”: 5 things that will happen this Sunday, November 21 in the Turkish soap opera

What will happen in “Unfaithful“? The Turkish soap opera “Sadakatsiz” continues to surprise the public after its arrival on the small screen as a replacement for “My daughter” (“Kizim” in its original language). Every weekend, Asya’s story (Cansu Dere), Volkan (Caner Cindoruk) and Derin (Melis Sezen) have established themselves as one of the most watched on the television grid. Therefore, many of his followers wonder what will happen in the next chapter 12 of “Betrayed.”

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The ottoman drama is actually an adaptation of a british series appeared in 2015: “Doctor Foster”. This creation of Mike Bartlett appeared by the sign of the BBC Television and has been relatively successful in United Kingdom when it was on the air.

Now the history has been taken in the style of the turkish soap operas, with great popularity not only in his homeland but also in other parts of the world. In countries like Spain, the novel has great popularity and is among the most viewed and commented on the TV.

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How many chapters does “Unfaithful” have? The telenovela, in its original broadcast, has more than 32 episodes 120 minutes. On Turkey, the season 2, which started on September 29. The first installment of “Unfaithful”Had a total of 31 chapters and closed on June 2.

Cansu Dere as Doctor Asya in the soap opera “Infiel”. (Photo: Medyapım)



At next chapter of “Unfaithful”, which will appear on Sunday, November 21 by Antena 3 of Spain, it will be seen how Volcano, after leaving Ali at the house of Asia, will run into Selçuck, who is surrounding the property. Immediately, the architect will understand that the ex-convict is who has tried murder his ex-wife.


Immediately, Volcano She will reproach him for having scared her so much with suffocation, when he had only asked her to throw the stone and send a message, nothing more. The attack that repelled Bahar it wasn’t in the deal. Because, Volcano will show you, with determination, that the attacks will now stop. Nevertheless, Selçuck He will make it clear to him that the doctor ruined his life and that now it is his turn to take revenge. In addition, he will ask Volkan to pay him everything he owes if he does not want him to attack those who were his family. Then he will flee before the arrival of the car of Because.

Caner Cindoruk in a portrayal of Volkan Arslan, a man who cheats on his wife with a girl much younger than him and who will have his son (Photo: Medyapım)
Caner Cindoruk in a portrayal of Volkan Arslan, a man who cheats on his wife with a girl much younger than him and who will have his son (Photo: Medyapım)


While Asia will have more and more suspicions that Volcano stands behind the recent attacks you have been receiving. This whole situation has left the doctor very depressed and scared, despite the encouragement she receives from her son Ali. For this reason, the protagonist will decide to move away more and more from her ex-husband.


Ishan, for his part, will make things clear to Hakan y Derya: There is no way that Asya stops being the head of the hospital. The owner of the health center has learned of the bribery of Volcano, put money for the teams in exchange for the dismissal of his ex-wife. “We will not evict Mrs. Asya in exchange for a donation to the clinic. Case closed”, he told Harkan. While a Sea, who will take body out of the situation, will tell you that “You are a very valid woman, but you will not be the chief doctor in this clinic”.

Derin and Volkan in "Infidel", before their infidelity goes public.  (Photo: Medyapım)
Derin and Volkan in “Infidel”, before their infidelity goes public. (Photo: Medyapım)


Similarly, another of the events that will mark the next chapter of Derin will be when she confirms her suspicions about her husband Volkan: who has not forgotten Asya. Therefore, you will take a moment to enter the office of the architect and, after looking through his things, he will take his partner’s cell phone and find many photos of Asya y Ali on your mobile device. What will Derin do about this discovery?


The history of the television program revolves around the family formed by the doctor Asia (Cansu Dere) and her husband Volcano (Caner Cindoruk), who apparently live in harmony with their youngest son Ali (Alp Akar); but all that peace ends when the woman discovers that her partner had a two-year relationship with a young woman named Deep (Melis Sezen).

After discovering that she was living a lie, the doctor She must choose whether she wants to continue her marriage or take revenge on those who cheated on her, as well as on the people who pretended to be her friends but knew of Volkan’s infidelity.


“Infiel” has 31 episodes in its first season with a duration of 120 minutes per episode. The Turkish soap opera is one of the most successful in recent years thanks to its great story and talented leads Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk.

The drama premiered in Spain on September 5 on Antena 3 and nine episodes have already been broadcast, so if the frequency continues to be weekly, the end of “Infiel” will be broadcast in the last week of March 2022.

Followers of this story, made up of Dr. Asya and her husband Volkan, wonder if there will be a second season. The reality is that there already is and, in fact, it has been broadcast in Turkey since September 22 of this year.


The Turkish soap opera “Infiel” is broadcast in Spain through the Antena 3 signal. The television channel broadcasts a new episode every Sunday at 10 pm, according to the updated programming of the media.


Cansu Dere was born in Ankara on October 14, 1980, so in 2021, the Turkish actress will turn 41 years old. At first, his career was planned to be different, because he studied Archeology at Istanbul University. He studied for two years and, in 2004, his life changed drastically.

In this way, Dere planned to study and become an archaeologist until a modeling agency invited her to participate in the Miss turkey, in 2000, and was in third place, among the finalists. She started working in major firms but the performance It was another opportunity that he did not miss in 2004.

His career has been shaped by television productions “Mother”, “Ezel”, “They”, “twilight”, “Fall Fire”, “Sirin with Ferhat“, among other. In 2018, he received an award from the Yıldız Technical University for Best Actress for her work in “Personality”. Whereas, now, thanks to his interpretation of the season 1 of “Infidel”, has been awarded in the same category during 2021.


In addition to being a renowned Turkish television actress, Cansu Dere studied Archeology. In the beginning, the artist decided to lean towards this profession, but her life took a different course.

While Cansu is now completely focused on her acting career, she wasn’t always so clear about where she wanted to go. The actor, from a family of Greek origin, was born in Ankara in 1980 and enrolled in Archeology at the Istanbul University.

It was at 18 when Cansu Dere moved to Istanbul to study said profession, since he wanted to take a path dedicated to research and seniority. He studied the degree for two years and, in 2004, his life changed drastically.

In the middle of her studies, she was contacted by a model agency that would give you the opportunity to introduce yourself to Miss turkey (where she was third) opening the doors to a new world.

Cansu Dere gladly accepted the offer and for a long time it was in this field that he developed his career. This is how he began to receive offers from the most prestigious cosmetic firms in Turkey and soon traveled to France to establish himself.

A year and a half later, Cansu Dere had become a sought-after model, but she missed her land and her family, so she decided to return to Turkey. Immediately, her presence began to attract the attention of the producers, who quickly realized that the camera wanted Cansu and the acting offers began to arrive.


Turkish actress Cansu Dere also suffered what is told in “Unfaithful.” The artist experienced the betrayal of a sentimental relationship when she found out that Cem Yilmaz, her partner with whom she had been for seven years, was cheating on her with another woman.

They have known each other since 2006 and they already had plans for get marry when she found out that her partner at the time was being unfaithful to her friend Ahu Yagtu, the actress who plays Piril on “Woman”. Cansu had introduced them at first and then the worst scenario he could have imagined occurred.

Her ex-partner and her friend got married, they had a son named Kemal but the marriage it ended in a divorce in 2014. “Being cheated on is not a situation you are unfamiliar with, as it is with many people. (…) Lying is such an ugly trait that I don’t want to have a liar in my life. In fact, the faster I get out of my life, the better, in my opinion. “Dere said in an interview for “InStyle.”

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