Infections, hospitalizations, intensive care: new figures prove the effectiveness of the vaccine against Covid-19 in Belgium!

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First of all, the coronavirus vaccines did protect us from infections. This protection is certainly not 100%, but the vaccinated Belgians are contaminated to a lesser extent than the non-vaccinated. Table 1 shows that more than 2,500 contaminations have been identified per 100,000 inhabitants among 18-64 year olds. When we take a closer look, we see that the unvaccinated represent more than half of that number.

Age also plays an important role, since it is only among those over 65 that the number of infections in the vaccinated is greater than in the unvaccinated. As a reminder, this age group is currently receiving a booster dose of the vaccine.

The figures published by the RAG also show the impact of vaccination on hospitalizations in Belgium. Table 2 indicates that the proportion of unvaccinated admitted to hospital is greater for all age groups and in all regions of the country.

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A third table looks at the risks of admission to intensive care. We observe the same trends as for hospitalizations, but the experts add that “due to the small numbers, these data must be interpreted with caution”.

Finally, a final table shows the percentage of unvaccinated people by region and by age group. We must therefore take into account that the group of unvaccinated people is much smaller than that of vaccinated people in our country.

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