Infallible tricks to keep your house warm during the winter without heating

“To bad weather, good face” is a popular saying that reflects the situation in southern Latin America due to low temperatures and winter rain. For this reason, there are homemade tricks that can help us keep the home hot without requiring a lot of money.

In times of economic crisis due to the new coronavirus pandemic, using electrical systems is complicated, because it represents an extra cost in the electricity bill. Also, not everyone can have heating service.

How to keep a house warm in winter

In this situation, we suggest four cheap and easy ways to take care of the environment and keep your home warm every winter. Take note!

thick curtains

Windows are one of the main causes of heat leakage in our homes. For this reason, we must use thick curtains, which act like a wall to retain sunlight. If we also apply this tip to the front door, we will prevent the cold from entering.

cover the ground

According to the UK’s National Energy Foundation (NEF), the floor accounts for 10% of heat loss, reported . Against this, lay down rugs and blankets They can keep your feet warm.

Close unoccupied areas

Experts recommend close the rooms we don’t useas it will prevent cold air from moving into the rest of the property.

take advantage of sunlight

In the moments when the sun rises, the curtains must be open to heat the interior of the house. When natural light runs out, lower the blinds again to reduce the entry of cold. This trick will allow you to save up to 15% on consumption.

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