Infallible and strange advice from a doctor to relieve stress instantly

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When stress is not properly controlled, it can lead to sleep problems or mental illnesses, such as anxiety disorder or depression. Faced with this situation, Karan Rajan (@dr.karanr), surgeon and professor at the University of Sunderland (England), shared some advice from his account TikTok.

According to viral videoanyone has the possibility of reducing this tension simply by singing or gargling, he explained new york post. “Try this now to instantly calm down and improve your resilience to stress,” started by saying Karan.

In this sense, the doctor specified that “try humming for 10 seconds, gargling some water down your throat, or just sing along.” As Rajan explained, “When you do any of these, you’re activating the muscles at the back of your throat and the vocal cords at the back of your throat, which are connected to the vagus nerve.”

“It increases the vagal tone which allows you to more easily access a parasympathetic state, making you feel relaxed”, added @dr.karanrwhose clip has already accumulated more than 200 thousand reproductions in the social networks.


Instant tool for calmness

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Movement also helps regulate your heart rate more smoothly. “High heart rate variability means your body is better able to adapt to stressful situations”the doctor concluded.

Opinions in networks

The new content of @dr.karanr unleashed an avalanche of comments from those who claimed that they had already been applying this trick. “That’s why singing helps me relax”one indicated. While another said: “I’ve done this all my life to calm down without knowing why.”

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