Inès Reg ulcerated and pushed to the limit by her sister in "Beijing Express" : the comedian on the verge of "to hit" !

They love each other more than anything and prove it every week in a new episode of Beijing Express. However, during their adventure in Sri Lanka, Inès Reg and her sister could well have torn because of a particular ordeal: the one which forced the duos to cross a series of obstacles, of which a member of the pair was obliged to blindfolded to carry a tray with many glasses of tea. Their goal ? Cross the terrain strewn with pitfalls to fill a basin and win the event.

If the comedian and his sister, whose family did not really believe in their chances, experienced some difficulties, they were obviously not the only ones to encounter some galleys. Valentin Léonard and Rachel Legrain-Trapani fell several times, while Xavier Domergue seemed to have trouble keeping the glasses full before reaching the basin. But what really made Inès Reg come out of her hinges was not the fact that Anaïs was unable to fill their basin as quickly as she would have liked.

Luckily there was no stick

No, the actress, who recently revealed why she kept her arms covered, was out of her mind because her sister was taking the initiative while she was blindfolded. “The ropes are the start of a great adventure…”explained the young woman, with a lot of irony, in front of the cameras ofM6 before explaining: “My sister is such an independent and strong woman that even blindfolded she quite simply takes initiatives… She is over-motivated, over-motivated, she doesn’t wait! Sometimes she comes close to hitting the set against a rope “.

And this over-motivation almost cost them dearly when Anaïs took the wrong arm. “Go to the right, your left arm extend it… Your left arm!”, cried Inès Reg to him to try to prevent his half from reaching out the arm with which she held the tray filled with tea. A situation that annoyed the actress so much that she even started looking for an object for a specific purpose: “Is there anything to hit her in fact?”.

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