Indore News Today the whole world is in dire need of friendship

Indore, Naidunia Representative Indore News. Forgiveness is another name for ending one’s sin and bitterness or bitterness towards him. Supporting someone’s wrong actions by remaining silent also comes under the category of sin. Forgiveness is considered to be five stages – first Adinath Bhagwan, second Guru, third parents, fourth affectionate and loved ones and fifth and last step is to ask forgiveness from oneself.

We should have such a feeling that our consciousness which attracts sin should be free from falsehood and become strong by being attracted towards religion. This will be the significance of this Paryushan festival. Today the first and most dire need in the whole world is friendship.

Praveen Rishi Maharaj said this on the occasion of Samvatsari festival organized in Mahavirbagh. He said that the day friendship will be established. On that day all the troubles will also go away. The end of the enmity that has arisen in the country and the world is possible only through friendship. Lord Mahavir has given the message of live and let live that there should be peace in the world. On this occasion, hundreds of brothers of Sthanakwasi Jain community celebrated the great festival of Samvatsari with full enthusiasm. He read the Warsaw Sutra in the morning and told the importance of this great festival. On this occasion, about 65 such ascetics were also honored by the Jain Shravak Sangh Trust of Vardhman Shwetambar Sthanakvasi, who have observed eight or more fasts.

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