Indore Airport Privatisation Indore is set to go into private hands as the facility increases more money will have to be paid

Indore, Naidunia Representative Indore Airport Privatisation. The decision has finally been taken regarding the privatization of Devi Ahilyabai Holkar International Airport. The government has given permission to start the tender process for the privatization of 13 airports in the country. Jabalpur airport will also be privatized along with Indore. Only the company that takes Indore airport will take Jabalpur airport. Indore Airport, which was once profitable, is running at a loss of four crores these days. At the same time, Jabalpur airport is already running in loss.

According to management sources, the Board of the Airport Authority of India has approved the privatization of 13 airports. This is happening as part of the National Monetization Pipeline. A target of Rs 3660 crore private investment has been set from various airports by the financial year 2023-24. The AAI Board has connected six major airports namely Bhubaneswar, Varanasi, Amritsar, Trichy, Indore, Raipur as well as seven smaller airports including Jharsuguda, Gaya, Kushinagar, Kangra, Tirupati, Jabalpur and Jalgaon. Along with the big airport, the small airport will also be given in private hands. After the tender, Indore airport will go into private hands from 2023.

Passenger will have to pay more money

Airport experts say that due to privatization, where facilities will increase. On the other hand, passengers will have to pay more money. For example, now where pick and drop is free for vehicles arriving at the airport. Whereas at the airport that has been privatized, a charge of up to Rs 150 is charged for this. Apart from this, for other facilities, you will have to pay more Rs. The price of food and drink available in the terminal may also increase. Apart from this, the new company will increase the fare for the already existing outlets. Which will make things expensive.

Doubt on 20 acres of land

According to experts, 20.4 acres of land won by the state government from the Usha Raje Trust, which has been agreed to be handed over to the airport management. Now the airport management is not sure to get that land. The government will not hand over that land if it goes into private hands. Rather, this land can be given on lease to the same private company at a higher price. In view of this possibility, delay is being done in allotting the land.

Flight operations in the hands of AAI

After privatization, the airport complex and terminal will go into the hands of a private company. The fee to be charged here will be determined by the private company. But the flight will be operated by AAI only. ATC will work as before.

it will be benefits

Big brands will open their showrooms for passenger convenience.

The expansion of the airport and the new construction will also be done by the new company.

New people will get employment due to new company coming

Passengers can also increase as the facilities increase.

Flight companies can start new flights.

The new company will make new innovations.

The new company will build new ones on the existing land near the airport.

this will be a loss

– More money will have to be paid for the facilities already available

– Transfers of AAI employees

– Will have to pay money for free facilities

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