Indomitable Partyšová openly about men: She definitely does not spare her demands!

“I am a single woman and it is very pleasant. He’ll get used to it quickly. I’ve had two marriages, it was nice, but I’m not getting into another relationship. “ admitted Partyšová in an interview for the website. The moderator did not miss the birthday party of the sky bar, which she came to unaccompanied. Having a guy by the side of a social event is not a requirement. “I probably won’t even take men into society again, even if I’m assigned. Then it’s a dangerous matter. “ she explained.

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Living with Markéta Mayerová – Gabina Partysova

Since the presenter does not need to bring a new man into her life, marriage itself is all the more abstract for her. After all, Gábina also has her own experiences with him, which probably trained her. “But I don’t want to own anyone anymore. I was a man’s wife for a long time. I no longer feel like I want to be in a relationship where we own each other. I would like to meet a partner who is set up the same way, “ Partyšová added, adding that if a man were to appear, she would still like to feel hers by his side. “I’d like a guy to take me to the company, to the theater, to the movies, to golf. But I don’t want to be dependent on anyone. “

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