Indiana Jones 5: the villain of the film is revealed

While “Indiana Jones 5” will be released in less than a year, information about this new movie has been scarce until now. But Empire has just released plot details, along with a photo of its main villain.

Harrison Ford faces the Nazis again in Indiana Jones 5 !

It has now been fourteen years since the fourth part of the saga about the famous adventurer, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was released in theaters. But fans of the most famous archaeologist in the world will soon be able to find him. Because he will be back in 2023. We already knew for a while that Harrison Ford would play the famous character again. And while we didn’t know anything about the plot of the film until now, Empire just revealed the first details.

According to the British magazine, the hero will once again face the Nazis in IndianaJones 5. He will face them during the year 1969. The film will therefore take place well after the Second World War. But the context of that time was the space race between the United States and Russia. However, as reported by one of the screenwriters of the film, Jez Butterworth, former Nazis were involved in the development of the US space program.

Mads Mikkelsen reveals himself as the villain

In addition to giving the first plot details ofIndiana Jones 5, Empire also released several official images from James Mangold’s feature film. More than a year after Mads Mikkelsen on set photos leaked, we discover in particular the Danish actor in the skin of his characterthe great villain of the story. Named Voller, he is inspired by Wernher von Braunone of the major engineers of the American space program who had previously worked for Nazi Germany.

Empire also asked Harrison Ford about his fifth adventure as the hero created by George Lucas. And the actor promised that this fifth film was “filled with adventure, laughter and real emotions”. He also assured that he was happy with the end result. Anyway, we will still have to be patient before being able to form our own opinion on the feature film. Indiana Jones 5 will be released on June 28, 2023 in French cinemas.

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