Indian railway news railway changes its 31 year old software now passengers will get more facilities

Indian Railway News: Indian Railways has endowed the operating system for the convenience of passengers. Now you will get accurate information about the status of every train. Along with this, the Railways has also completed the work of upgrading the engines of trains in collaboration with ISRO. The software currently being used by Railways dates back to 1990. Meanwhile, the speed of trains has increased and the number has also increased. The software disk runs on the operating system. This made it difficult to piece together information related to trains. Hence the need for a new software system was felt.

Passengers will get this facility

Now passengers will not have to wait for the train.

Railway employees will be able to see the information of all the bogies of trains on the computer at one click.

– The software will be able to tell where the train has reached. For how long did she stay at which station?

Real time reporting

Let us tell you that two years ago, the Ministry of Railways had started the work of installing the device under the Real Time Train Information System with ISRO to improve the locomotives of the train. Till now 90 percent of the engines have been fitted with the technology. Real time reporting is being done in trains running in all directions. Due to which the passengers are getting accurate information about the time-table of the trains.

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