Indian Army getting ready to compete with Taliban will get new training module

New Delhi Indian Army . The security situation in India has started to be reviewed with the Taliban coming to power in Afghanistan. To secure the borders of the country, now Indian soldiers will be given training under the new module. The new training module will be conducted with a focus on the Taliban and is being prepared keeping in mind the type of war strategy of the Taliban. Significantly, as soon as the Taliban comes to power, Pakistan-backed terrorist organizations are feared to be active once again and terrorist incidents in South Asia may increase once again.

After the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan last month, the Indian Army and Armed Police Forces are constantly reviewing their strategy. A few days ago, it was also feared that after the Taliban came to power, it has become necessary to increase vigil along the western border of India as the Pakistani border may encourage terrorist infiltration, which may also include many foreign terrorists.

A senior security official told news agency PTI that border security forces like BSF and SSB, state police units and personnel involved in counter-terrorism duties like CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police will be trained under the new module. Whatever developments happened in Pakistan after the 9/11 terror attack in training has also been included in the curriculum.

IED training is important

During the training, the security forces have also been asked to brief the personnel about IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and vehicle propelled VBIED. According to security officials, IEDs remain a constant threat to security personnel and their operations everywhere, be it anti-Naxal operations or anti-terrorist operations. It is very important for the soldiers deployed in the Kashmir Valley to have information like knowing about IED and VBIED, detecting and deactivating them.

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