India Iran on Taliban: Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian is planning to visit India in the coming days

Iran is infuriated by the increasing interference of Pakistan in Afghanistan and the atrocities of the Taliban. Iran is now going to strengthen friendship with India after making strong statements recently on the Taliban-Pakistan alliance. The importance of India for Iran can be gauged from the fact that the newly appointed Foreign Minister Hussain Amir Abdullahiyan is visiting India only next month after the swearing-in. During this, talks can be held between India and Iran about the Taliban and Pakistan’s activism in Afghanistan.

Iran alert seeing terrorists in Taliban cabinet
Till a month ago, Iran and the Taliban were meeting like good friends. Then the Taliban had assured that it would take all sides in Afghanistan. Not only this, the Taliban even showed that it has nothing to do with the Shia-Sunni dispute. However, Iran has become cautious about the presence of Pashtuns and many international terrorists in the new Taliban cabinet.

A direct threat to Iran from the presence of Taliban
The presence of the Taliban in Afghanistan poses a direct threat to Iran’s security. Even during the previous Taliban government, Iran’s stance has always been tough. This time Iran had shown leniency towards the Taliban, but changed its approach to the increasing interference of Pakistan and the persecution of religious minorities, especially Shia Muslims. Iran has now tightened its border security in view of the infiltration of Afghan refugees.

Iran has warned about Panjshir
Iran had also given a stern warning about the Taliban attack in Panjshir. Iran’s Foreign Ministry had said that the Taliban should not cross the Lakshman Rekha. Not only this, Iran had also told that it is investigating Pakistan’s interference in Panjshir. The Iranian spokesman said the “martyrdom” of Panjshir’s commanders was “deeply disappointing” and Iran condemned last night’s attacks in the strongest terms.

What did Iran say?
The Tehran Times quoted Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Syed Khatib Zadeh as saying that ‘Pakistani interference during the Panjshir attack is being investigated. Iran believes that intra-Afghan dialogue is the only solution to the Afghan problem. He warned, ‘I strongly caution that not all cross the Lakshman Rekha and that the responsibilities under international law must be considered.’

Iran appeals for elections in Afghanistan
The Taliban may have captured Afghanistan, but its bad days are not taking the name of the end. On the one hand a large number of his fighters have been killed and on the other hand he is unable to form the government. Now the group has got the next blow from Iran. Iran has called for the formation of a people-elected government in Afghanistan. Iran has expressed hope that elections are vital for Afghanistan’s successful future and that peace will be restored in the country.

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