Indecent: Netflix thriller with Alyssa Milano entertains, but does not delight; see the review

The new crime thriller from Netflix,Indecent “, whose screenplay was based on the novel “Indecent Virtue”, from Nora Roberts. the feature film of Monika Mitchell it has all the ingredients of a good movie of the genre, even if the ending is quite predictable as in other recent productions.

In the film, we follow the very successful mystery and crime author, Grace (Alyssa Milano). She also became a crime expert and even worked with the police on active cases. Grace rushes back to her family home in Washington, USA, because her estranged sister calls her after five years of no contact.

Shortly after arriving, his sister Kathleen (Emilie Ullerup) is murdered, which quickly exposes her double life as a webcam artist. Grace insists on helping to solve the case, which means working with Detective Ed (Sam Page), even though the two began a romance.

What really takes Indecente out of the predictable plot are the performances: Alyssa Milano is great as the smart and astute writer, and manages to hold the film’s spotlight until the end. Sam Page is charming, and also achieves a very expressive result.

See the full review in the video.

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