Incredible success for “Red Notice”: Netflix film is an all-time record hard to take

The promising blockbuster “Red Notice” recently started on Netflix and, as the streaming service has now confirmed, the film was extremely successful.

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Netflix users had to wait a long time for this action spectacle, but “Red Notice” has finally appeared on the streaming service. The promising title is one of the most anticipated highlights on Netflix, because Hollywood greats Dwayne Johnson (“Jumanji” 2: The Next Level “), Gal Gadot (” Wonder Woman “) and Ryan Reynolds (” Deadpool “) star in the blockbuster. Of course, all the fun cost a pretty penny, which is why “Red Notice” has become the most expensive Netflix film ever. If you’re looking for more action movies on Netflix, check out our video:

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Apparently the high investment was worth it, because the blockbuster already broke an internal record: “Red Notice” had the most successful start that a Netflix film has ever had. This was first reported by Dwayne Johnson on social media, now there are exact figures. As reported by Variety, “Red Notice” has been on since launch 277.9 million hours and reached number 1 on the Netflix charts in over 90 countries.

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This means that the film is on the verge of breaking the previous record for Netlfix ‘most successful film. „Bird Box“ with Sandra Bullock came up in the first 28 days 282 million watched hours. Since Red Notice has only been available for a little over a week, it is very likely that in a few days it will be the most successful Netflix movie of all time. Dwayne Johnson celebrated the huge success of the action highlight on his Instagram page in advance and thanks all fans who made it possible:

But Johnson wasn’t the only one to spread the good news. His colleagues Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds also celebrated the success on social media and also confirmed the record:

What about “Red Notice 2”?

– Warning: Spoilers at the end of “Red Notice” will follow! –

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With this record stands „Red Notice 2“ actually nothing in the way. Netflix has not yet announced whether we will expect a sequel, but the successful numbers are convincing arguments. In addition, “Red Notice” on the Rotten Tomatoes rating portal achieved a viewer rating of 91% positive reactions. Mind you, with currently only 100 reviews, the critics rated “Red Notice” as positive with a cautious 35%.

However, it is not just the successes that offer an incentive for a potential successor. In terms of content, too, it could make sense that we can expect a continuation in the future. After all, in the end we see Hartley, Booth and The Bishop heading for the Louvre in Paris, announcing their next big robbery. The only question that remains is whether the criminal trio will succeed in stealing and that is exactly where “Red Notice 2” could begin. We will of course keep you up to date on Netflix’s plans.

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