Incredible for Aldi customers: “She left the store crying after this beautiful gift”

On Friday May 6, Aldi customers in Trans-en Provence, in the Var, had the chance to be offered their shopping. A couple, questioned by our colleagues from Var-Matin, were heading towards the checkout with their shopping cart when they noticed the presence of a lady near the checkouts, “aged about forty, of average height and wearing big sunglasses.

When it was time to pay, the lady approached them: “To our amazement, she asked us if we didn’t mind if she paid for our groceries.” Embarrassed, the couple refuses but the benefactress inserts her card into the reader all the same: “You will enjoy yourself in another way! “, she launched them.

“We stayed stupid. There were 123 euros worth of shopping! […] We had never seen that,” the client told Var Matin. Behind the couple, a mother was also offered her shopping: “She left the store crying, after this beautiful gift”.

The benefactress did not communicate her identity but some customers would have heard her say that she had won a certain amount of money and that she wanted to “please people around her”. The cashier, who has never seen this in three years of service, confirms: “This lady asked me if I didn’t mind her stationing herself near the tills to pay for customers’ shopping, until that his credit card reaches its ceiling »

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