In two weeks, 226 children were hospitalized for Covid in Belgium!

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Every Friday, Sciensano delivers the latest statistics concerning the Covid epidemic which offers us a fifth wave. Among these numerous data, some are interesting because they are new. Today, for example, we know the number of children under the age of 18 who were hospitalized for this disease, between December 20 of last year and January 2.

There were exactly 226: 43 in Brussels, 128 in Flanders and 55 in Wallonia. 223 were unvaccinated, 3 were vaccinated. If we refer to the two age groups: 0-11 years and 12-17 years, 140 young people belonging to the first category have been hospitalized during these last two weeks. All were unvaccinated and this is normal because the vaccination has not really started for them. Indeed, only 5.5% of 0-11 year olds are. For the second category, there were 86 hospitalizations, including 3 vaccinated.

►► If we only take into account children admitted to intensive care, the ten there were all unvaccinated.

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