“In their night”, in search of the memory of the buried children of the Roc des Fiz

The locals call it “the little stone”. It is a stele, up there at 1300 meters, on which one could read for a long time: “To the victims of 17/4/1970 roc des Fiz 1932/1970”. That is all. 71 dead here due to a landslide which swept away three buildings of this sanatorium, on the Assy plateau, above Passy (Haute-Savoie). A screed of rubble and mud covered the drama, a silence broken today by Perrine Lamy-Quique, originally from the region. Agrégé of modern letters, graduate in cinema and photography, the young woman publishes In their night (Ed. Seuil), thick book which compiles testimonies from the time and nowadays, archival documents, minutes, verbatims. Perrine Lamy-Quique does not comment, confronts us bluntly with the tragedy and makes this observation: “To date, justice has not really been done.”

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