In the world of health and beauty with Lady Bulgaria Maria Boycheva and Miracle Body (Photos)

The title holder Lady Bulgaria International for 2022 Maria Boycheva reveals her secrets of beauty, as well as the care she and her family take for their health.

Maria is a young, ambitious mother and wife who, despite her hectic daily life along with business commitments with her own Miracle Body, he manages to find time and take complex care of his body and appearance. Precisely because of the success of Miracle BodyMaria received an award from the First Lady.

The beauty has repeatedly said that one should take comprehensive care of oneself. As a former callanetics and kango jumps coach, she has had the opportunity to learn from experience that in order to be beautiful, a body must be healthy.

“We live in a time when we breathe dirty air, eat poor quality food, we are subjected to daily stress, and all this causes serious damage to our body and psyche. “With food alone, we can’t get enough vitamins and minerals.” Maria Boycheva.

In addition to daily tea intake Miracle Body , which cleanses her body of toxins and maintains her good figure, she also uses the vitamins Swiss energy hair, nail and skin. Their choice is not random. These vitamins are nano-capsules with prolonged action, and their advantages are many over the usual ones that are available on the market.

Nano-capsules Swiss energy hair, nail and skin are Swiss which guarantees their quality. Due to their production technology, they successfully pass through the stomach to settle in the intestinal tract where they are fully absorbed by the body.

Lady Bulgaria International 2022 Maria Boycheva he also publishes how he takes care of his son’s health. Adrian, who is 6 years old, has taken antibiotics several times.

“This happened before I discovered the immunostimulant for children Swiss energy immunity boost. With each climate change, Adrian became ill. We travel often, which is also a factor in the decline of immunity in children. Swiss energy immunity boost does not contain gluten, lactose, sugar. Jelly vitamins have a pleasant natural fruit taste.

Here are some basic things I would recommend to mothers with young children who get sick often: go for a walk in the mountains, provide him with quality food – less sugar and fatty foods. And necessarily a vitamin complex of Swiss energy immunity boost”.

Maria’s husband, Kostadin, is a young man with a dynamic profession. Sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep from fatigue, but it solves the problem with Stress Relief. The tea of Miracle Body manages to help him with the relaxation of the nervous system and easy sleep. Over the years, he has built a personal health routine. In the morning, drink a cup of detox tea instead of coffee Miracle Bodyand after breakfast take 1 nano-capsule ActiveLife Swiss energy, which contribute to normal metabolism and protect cells from oxidative stress. Due to their composition, nano-capsules stimulate the functions of the nervous system and reduce the signs of fatigue.

ActiveLife Swiss energy is extremely suitable for people with a dynamic lifestyle and intense physical activity, “he added Maria Boycheva.

For her and her family, the secret to health and beauty is the combination of natural teas Miracle Body and Swiss energy vitamins.

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