‘In the Times of the Emperor’: Tonico admits to being Zayla’s lover when humiliating Dolores

On novel “In the Times of the Emperor”, Tonico (Alexandre Nero) go admit to woman, Dolores (Daphne Bozaski), who is Zayla’s (Heslaine Vieira) lover. Not satisfied, the deputy-villain will say that he only has another one because she doesn’t give him children. This occurs just before the owner of the newspaper “O Berro” gets rid of an accomplice and invents that he took a stab to rule out any possibility of guilt in the kidnapping of Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello).

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“It’s not even good for bearing me a child!”, shoots the sadist in the six o’clock plot, a sequel to “New World” (2017) in scenes that will air next week. Pilar’s sister (Gabriela Medvedovski) discovers the betrayal by Nélio (João Pedro Zappa), who also says that Tonico gave his lover the studio that used to belong to Lambert (Lorena da Silva). And that makes Dolores calm down, because she doesn’t want to have sex with Tonico anymore and because she hides that she also has a lover: Nélio himself.

‘In the Times of the Emperor’: Dolores defends her lover, Nélio

However, the life of Dolores, who has already been beaten by her husband, is not easy. And his plans not to sleep with the bastard anymore go down the drain when he comes home wanting to fuck his wife. That’s when Eudoro’s daughter (José Dummont) goes on the attack and tells the deputy to look for Zayla.

Pedro’s rival (Selton Mello), of course, doesn’t leave the provocation blank. “Since when do you talk to me like that, you slob? Who’s been putting these ideas in your worm’s head? It’s Nelio’s classes, right? Is it better to stop?”, nudges the evildoer. “Seu Nélio has nothing to do with that”, emphasizes Dolores without turning over her lover.

‘In the Emperor’s Times’: Tonico humiliates Dolores

And, in this way, the crook doesn’t miss the chance to humiliate the lovers, in the periodicals already the target of inverse racism. Nelio is a dead fly. That’s your blood’s bad instinct, even Pilar’s carved blood. Ungrateful! You had more to kiss my feet, I took you off the street of bitterness. Say I didn’t take it?! Say it!” shouts the owner of the newspaper.

Dolores feels the blow and lowers her head. That’s where he admits to having an extramarital relationship. “Zayla is my lover, yes! And I’ll have as many lovers as I want, because at home, I have a semblance of a woman who isn’t even good enough to bear me a child! Who doesn’t want you, it’s me, licking! Get out of mine! front!” he orders the youngest daughter of Eudoro, the colonel who died without being able to reveal a secret from the past to his daughters.

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