In the same style as “Baki”, a man trains every day to help his wife in a wheelchair

They say that marriage is for life and this married couple is a sample of the unconditional love that one person can have with another. The history of the couple has become a trend on Tiktok Because she suffers from a chronic health condition that prevents her from moving around and he dedicates himself to taking care of her throughout the day, so he has undergone a demanding training routine to be able to carry her and move her so that she does not have any inconvenience.

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Man trains to care for his disabled wife

In their most recent video, the account of this couple, @amorsobreruedasoficialThe husband is shown performing various strength and endurance exercises next to the love of his life who contemplates him with great sweetness from his wheelchair.

The decision is He took it because at the beginning he felt frustration because it was more than difficult for him to move his wife to different areas of his house, which is why he took on the task of improvising the assembly of a gym, as well as acquiring the necessary tools.


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Behind this, decided to start various physical training sessions, on many occasions having his wife company, as well as regularly using the camera to keep the record and, as is evident, over time the muscle mass began to grow and strengthen.

In your account TiktokNot only are the husband’s routines shown, but also the lifestyle of the couple, their personal experiences, but they also give themselves a lot of time to respond to the positive and negative comments of the users of this social network.


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Support and criticism of the couple’s followers on Tiktok

While the most opinions are positivehighlighting his devotion to his wife, there are others who have come to classify her as selfish for preventing him from having another type of life and, even, he has speculated that there is a money issue behind, ensuring that only this reason would explain a person dedicating himself in that way to another.

The truth is that this married couple, In all the videos they publish, they do not miss the opportunity to make endless displays of affection, as well as thanking the other for having appeared in his life.


I always waited for you!

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“I feel blessed to be part of your life, my wife.”, “How can I not admire you? My love. Thank you for teaching me to love beyond the superficial. For me it is an honor that you love me too “, “I love when you wake me up with such enthusiasm every morning. It fills me with life knowing that with the passing of the years our love will grow stronger. Sometimes I am afraid to go to sleep and not wake up because I know the pain that my departure would cause you, but as I told you: feel at peace, because all these years I have been happy with you “, are some of the messages that the couple writes in their videos.

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