In the run-up to the Bad Bunny concert, a young man asks his partner to marry him near the bathrooms

  • The event happened a few hours after Bad Bunny’s first concert in the Peruvian capital.
  • To the rhythm of Bad Bunny, members of the PNP made a show in Corso de Sullana
  • They forget to bring a gift and they “yape” the birthday boy in the middle of the party
  • What is a viral video?

Yesterday the first concert of bad bunny, in Lima, with the musical tour β€œWorld’s Hottest Tour”. Thousands of photos and videos circulate on social networks of what was the artist’s presentation at the National Stadium, but there is one in particular that went viral in TikTok for what happened hours before the show.

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Did a fan pass out or did the ‘sharks’ take over the VIP Zone? Not exactly, but he’s not too far off the mark either. A foreigner couldn’t choose a better date and ‘place’ to ask his partner’s hand.

As can be seen in the images shared by the user Naydu (@nay_du1), a young man knelt in front of his girlfriend and asked for her hand without caring about the flashes or shouts from the public.

The woman, who was shocked for a few seconds, he said yes and they both shared a romantic kiss. The most singular thing about the fact was not the way in which she asked him, but that she did it close to toilets.

Watch the viral video here

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Moreover, in the record published by the user Naydu, a man dressed in a red polo shirt and beige pants can be seen coming out of one of the bathrooms and without understanding the madness.

After processing everything, the young man also joined the applause of the “romantic” proposal that took place a few hours after the first concert of “Bad Rabbit” in Lima.

‘Sharks’ light up the atmosphere at the National Stadium

In the run-up to the concert, four ‘sharks’ got together to do their thing and, incidentally, encourage people. You can read the full story and watch the viral video on Mag.

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