In the midst of the crisis with Simone, Simaria posts a sentence about disappointment. Check out!

In the midst of the crisis with Simone and speculations about her friend’s solo career, Simaria comes adopting an enigmatic posture on the social networks. This time, the singer, who took a break from her career, published a message and surprised the followers.

The Story was a print of Simaria’s cell phone notepad. “The focus is to practice calm. Because it is from her that all creativity, love, light and all peace are born. Never count on disappointment because it will never disappoint you”, read the message.

Simone adopts postures with Simaria on social networks

Recently, Simone adopted some positions in relation to Simaria on the web. The singer deleted the most recent photos from social networks in which she was accompanied by her sister.

In addition, Simone changed her Instagram username from “simoneses”, the acronym SES being an abbreviation of the duo’s name, to the full name: Simone Mendes.

“I’ll tell you why I’m happy. […] He [o marido, Kaká Diniz] and the entire Non Stop Produções team did it for me and my name is now Simone Mendes on Instagram. Thank you so much, I’m very happy! Simone Mendes now on Instagram, how cool! Before it was ‘simoneses’, now it’s just ‘simonemendes’. Cool huh? It makes it easier for you,” the singer explained to her followers.

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