In the midst of her divorce, Wanda Nara already has a new partner for "Who is the mask?"

Wanda Nara lives complicated hours as a result of the filtering of an audio in which he mentioned that he began the process to divorce Mauro Icardi. However, his trip to Argentina also has commitments with his return to television in the cycle that he will lead. Natalia Oreiro, “Who is the mask?”.

as anticipated the Pavada of Daily Chronicle, the presence of Karina La Princesita as a jury was confirmed, the last one that remained to be announced by Telefe. In addition to the businesswoman who lives in Europe, the judges who will try to decipher the identity of the participating celebrities are Robert Moldavsky Y Lizy Tagliani.

The five will be recording this week, at night, a super production to promote the reality show that will have 24 celebrities hidden behind their masks. In addition, the photos will be taken in the Machado studios and then they will record the “very soon” one by one to advance the premiere that would take place in October.

Karina La Princesita joins “Who is the mask?”.

The production puts a lot of money in this format and in the cachets of each of the participants, which will be eliminated one per day. Like little, Wanda Nara will earn in foreign currency as it is part of her agreement to return to Argentine television after moving to Europe.

Wanda Nara began the proceedings for her divorce from Mauro Icardi.

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